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Nature and Trekking in the Fiumara Gallipari

Near Badolato, a characteristic medieval village on the Ionian coast of Calabria, are several picturesque itineraries to explore on foot or by mountain bike, leading to the Fiumara Gallìpari, which extends 18 kilometres.

For the most part, these are not marked routes, hence to enjoy a unique adventure in complete safety, we advise relying on expert guides who have a profound knowledge of the territory. Feel free to ask us for information – we would be pleased to direct you to the expert professionals.

Upon parking in Isca, where the asphalt road ends, you walk towards the ungravelled pathway. During the autumn months, the walk is coloured with the yellow and orange-red of the cacumbari, the strawberry trees with a fresh and delicate scent.

The spontaneous and lush vegetation will accompany you along the trail, with thorny plants alternating with holm oak or rare chestnut oaks, whilst the fauna is that typically found in such Mediterranean scrub.

After a challenging route, you will be rewarded by the view and the relaxing sound of the Cascata del Romito, in the Calabrian Schiccio del Romito, which makes a spectacular 40-metre tumble. Its force, together with that of the nearby Cascata del Vitello, fuelled the Romito hydroelectric plant from 1927 to 1962, ensuring electricity to neighbouring towns such as Badolato, Isca, Santa Caterina and Sant’Andrea. Visiting the structure, abandoned and neglected, you can still admire the structure of the conduit that facilitated the communication between the hydroelectric basin and the turbines.

This route is of medium difficulty, being suited to less-experienced trekkers, whilst the journey time is around 3-4 hours.

If you are rather an expert cyclist and prefer to explore the river by mountain bike, you can set out from Davoli Marina or from one of the many Ionian towns, and coast along the seaside to Isca Marina, before travelling alongside the riverbed. A challenging route awaits you of approximately thirty kilometres in length, but in return you can admire the unparalleled beauty of these unique territories.


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