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Casa Bartolo

Hospitality, sincere welcoming and smiles are what you will find here in our small structure with a deeply historical atmosphere.

We are located in the centre of the ancient village of Guardavalle where among the alleys of the old houses it is still possible to smell the perfumes coming the kitchens and receive a simply “ciao”, which fills your heart when a local person meets a tourist visiting our village.

Casa Bartolo is a real traditional excellence in our destination. As a matter of fact, it is located inside an ancient house, consisting in a delightful patio, suitable for relaxing moments, where the coloured flowers and the local stone fill up your eyes, while the bedroom is furnished in a functional manner, but with traditional furniture units, finely renovated by wise craftsmen without leaving anything to chance. “Specialty of the house” is the below floor, to which it is possible to access by means of a comfortable internal staircase, ending up inside a traditional catojo, the cellars where the families of our town have been keeping for centuries their own products of the land, local wine and oil. It will be a real emotion and a dive into the history of Guardavalle. But, don’t be scared, apart from tradition, you will find all the relevant comforts, such as a modern in-room bathroom and a small but perfectly operating kitchenette

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