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bozzoli seta san floro

Cooperativa Nido di Seta

The Cooperativa Nido di Seta is a group of young people of Calabria who love this land and decided to take a very specific challenge, to come back and stay in Calabria . Their keywords are the protection of the environment and landscape, local growth and sustainable development. They intend to start from the ground, their ground, exploiting the resources that it offers us. Resuming the ancient chain of the silk and mulberry growing as our main business, they build day by day a melting pot of handicraft, cultural moments , artistic and culinary , making their home a pole of attraction for tourism nationally and internationally .

Among their more popular craft products, there are silk and ceramic jewelleries, made by a special tecnique. These creations born from the meeting between the San Floro Silk and ceramics of Squillace.

To take a leap in the ancient traditions of Sericulture and Silk Art you can also visit the Silk Museum,  in a section it preserves the relics of the silk history: ancient dresses,Catanzaro damasks, holy tapestries and industrial textile archeology. In another section it exhibits contemporary artefacts in raw silk, distinct for crochet and fabrics made with antiques 4 heddles looms.There is also a learning section “from Mulberry to Silkworm” and other natural fibres (silk, broom, linen, wool). In the last section the museum hosts a textile laboratory with a 4 heddles loom in working order and with a learning loom for all school grades. Inside this place the history of the past and of the present, craftsmanship magically combine.


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