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Le vie Mediterranee

The historic mansions of Le Vie Mediterranee are located in the heart of the medieval village of Torre di Ruggiero (CZ), halfway between the “blue flag” sea of ​​Soverato (about 15 minutes’ drive) and the Certosa di Serra San Bruno (the largest and most important one in Italy, 10 minutes away by car).

The historical path of the Carthusians in Italy was born in Torre di Ruggiero (formerly Torre di Spadola), started by their founder Bruno from Cologne and it is here that the Latinization process of the Catholic church begins, started by Ruggiero the Norman and San Bruno, with the imprimatur of Urban II: the Pope of the Crusades.

These historical routes, set in an area of ​​great environmental value are still there, fully preserved. They are the walkways of the history of the Normans, of Southern Italy, of the Crusaders, of the Basilian cenobies supplanted by the Carthusians which do not fail to attract even today, over the “Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie” of Torre di Ruggiero which already attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims every year.

These elements, which has greatly attracted our attention, wants to combine the most courteous Mediterranean hospitality with the exaltation of the historical role played by these places.

However, we must not forget a second reason: in Calabria the average age is higher than in the other Regions in Italy and in Torre di Ruggiero there is a large presence of people over the age of ninety.

So Torre di Ruggiero not only represents an important historical place, but also a place where to learn some of the Mediterranean secrets to live longer.

Moreover, the amenity of the landscapes, the uncontaminated air and the rich vegetation, which leads to the “Regional Natural Park of the Serre”, offer the ideal scenario for recreational walks and excursions on foot or on horseback.

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