Slow holidays in Calabria all year long
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CoronaVirus Emergency: let’s support & share a special fundraising for the “Mater Domini Hospital” of Germaneto/Catanzaro in Calabria.

Hi folks,   We’d really appreciate if you will share and support this “crowdfunding” called #ANCHEDACASA Thanks to an important initiative of the calabrian artist Antonio Tropiano a special fundraising has been launched to support the “Mater Domini Hospital” of Germaneto – Catanzaro in Calabria. Even today the emergency-situation in Calabria is more better than Northern Italy but it is appropriate to support for future emergencies the regional hospital engaged – by the council of Regione Calabria – to counteract the spread of the pandemic and also to take care of calabrian people treating “positive cases” to Covid-19.
In this particular moment of “CoronaVirus Emergency”, which has caused big difficulty to the national public health-system, the artist Antonio Tropiano decided also to donate one of his wonderful wooden-sculpture (entitled “EXODUS”) to start this “crowdfunding” on the international website “GO FUND ME” with its related social campaign #𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐃𝐀𝐂𝐀𝐒𝐀. All money collected will be donated to the “Mater Domini Hospital” for the purchase of medical equipment and medical essential supplies supporting their important work and actions against “CoronaVirus”. Keep attention: once the fundraising will be closed and reached (the final goal is 10.000 Eur), the sculpture “Exodus” of Mr.Tropiano will also be donated and delivered to the same beneficiary hospital and placed inside it as a community-symbol of the buttom-up helps offered by each one.
Info-news/Update: after 24 hours the on-line fundraising has already registered about 2.500 Eur !!!
“DONARE” is easy, let’s do it through this link: Everyone can do it! Thanks!