Slow holidays in Calabria all year long
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Let’s talk about it, one of the main locations of our “Riviera”: a pearl set along the southern side of the Gulf of Squillace, kissed by the sun and bathed by blue and legendary waters, those of the Ionian Sea. But besides the sea there is more. Rugged mountains and rolling hills, ready to be explored, surround the more “high” extension of Soverato, less beaten by massive tourism.


A bit of history

The remains of small burial caves – dating back to the “Siculo” age (eighth century b.C.) – suggest that Soverato has a very ancient origin. When the Greeks disembarked on the Calabrian Ionian Coast, Soverato was under the dominion of Skylletion. The settlers founded a new village and they gave it the name “Poliporto” (from the greek term “polis-portos”). This name denoted the audacious predisposition to the maritime trade that exploded during the “Roman” period. The seaside village remained standing until the Saracen raids (9th and 10th centuries), which induced the inhabitants of the place to move behind the hill, where Suberatum, the present Soverato Superiore, was raised. The locals will return to the coast after 10 centuries.

After the Norman – Byzantine wars, Soverato was unhooked from the jurisdiction of Skylletion and became an autonomous manor. From the feudal owner Passalacqua the village passed to the rule of Charles I, which was followed by several feudal lords. From 1443 this territory was under the Aragonese rule, until when Sancia D’Aragona became the wife of Goffredo Borgia, a family that reigned over the village for over a century. Since 1600, the fate of the country was marked by a series of earthquakes, which culminated in a violent earthquake, the one that in 1783 shook the entire region. The damage was so great that it was less onerous to build a new village: the place chosen for Soverato Nuova was a hill called Arizzone. At the same time, the marine area, inhabited by fishermen, grew, where in 1875, with the development of the Railway, it became the municipal headquarters of Soverato.  These vicissitudes led to the creation of the Soverato area, as it is observable today, distributed along 3 contingent areas: the marine area (the most populated one), the area in low hill called Soverato Superiore and at the same height Soverato Vecchia.

La Calabria da visitare tutto l’anno

Walking around the village

If we say “Soverato” we spontaneously evoke the sea. A natural association, immediate, that summarizes (in part) the essence of a small village linked to the sea that surrounds it, the sea of Magna Graecia. Those blue and deep waters, a theater in the past of stories of myths and legends, as well as abode of the sea little horse, accidental symbol of Soverato. And the same blue crystal sea attracts every year thousands of  visitors & tourists, always ready to enjoy all the beauties of the famous “Perla dello Ionio”. Those blue and deep waters, theater of myths and legends as well as abode of the seahorse, fortuitous symbol of Soverato. The same blue expanses that every year attract tens of thousands of vacationers, desirous to enjoy some beauties of the “Pearl of the Ionian”. In addition to equipped beaches, Soverato boasts a lovely promenade, the fulcrum of social life, from which you can enjoy a romantic view of the bay. Another crucial place for the “soveratesi”, the local inhabitants, is the church of the “Madonna di Porto Salvo”, born in 1906 by the will of Rocco Caminiti, who at the mercy of a stormy sea vowed a vow to Our Lady and was saved. On the second Sunday of August it is celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Sea: a procession that starts from the church of Porto Salvo and represents one of the most salient moments of the village. Those who love archeology, however, cannot miss the famous “grotticelle”, an archaeological complex dating back to the Bronze Age located in a place called “Spina Santa”. The “grotticelle” caves, carved into the sandstone rock, represent a funeral complex belonging to the old “Sicula” population, of Mediterranean lineage, arrived from Africa. Nearby the caves, a quarry of millstones of Roman age emerged, the quarry of the ancient “Poliporto”, probably developed  in about 1500 years. It is thought that its uses were multiple, such as fish farming or salt collection.  Also close to the sea, on a small high, extends for 57,000 square meters of green surface, it’s possible to visit “Santicelli” Botanical Garden, called the green lung of Soverato. Always close to the sea, on a small hill, it extends for 57,000 square meters of surface, the Botanical Garden Santicelli, defined as the green lung of Soverato. A real oasis of peace, where you can enjoy the silence, scents and bright colors of the exotic and Mediterranean plants and breathtaking views of the Gulf of Squillace. Who is looking for a slow holiday, can leave behind the buzz of beaches and locals and explore the village of Soverato Superiore, 2 km from the marine area. Here, dry stone walls, views of the sea, the characteristic “chiani” and unparalleled hospitality, invite to wellness, relaxation and meditation. Don’t miss the Church of “Maria Santissima Addolorata” which houses the famous statue “La Pietà del Gagini”, an interesting marble sculpture of Carrara made in 1521 by the artist Antonello Gagini.

Soverato all year around

Soverato is sure the best place for summer holidays. The fair destination, beloved by young people and families, equipped with white and fluffy beaches, crystal clear waters and that allow you to enjoy the beauties of the “Perla dello Ionio” in an excellent way. A seaside destination loved by young people and families, with white and soft beaches, crystal clear waters and beach-resorts that allow you to enjoy the beauties of the Ionian pearl in complete relaxation. Soverato Marina is also an open-air gym: the beaches offer beach volleyball courts and beach tennis, while the waterfront is the perfect place for runners and cyclists, who train comforted by the sea breeze and the sound of the waves. Concerts, folklore and cultural events animate the centre during the hottest seasons.  Among these, between July and August, we remember the old “Magna Graecia Film Festival”, an event now held between Montepaone and Catanzaro, a film festival that in the past hosted names such as Mario Monicelli and Ettore Scola.

Soverato is also “temple of music”, hosting for years the extraordinary “Summer Arena” with a festival of summer concerts with the best national and international singers of the moment.

….But beyond the sea there is more.

…And beyond  the sea there is more and more to explore.

In Spring a warm sun beats on the marine area and Soverato Superiore invites you to enjoy the clean air that you breathe in its hills. In addition, during the Easter period the rites of the Holy Week are held which culminate in the Cunfrunta, which evokes the long-awaited encounter between Our Lady and Jesus after the Resurrection. Those who want to enjoy the authenticity of this country, far from the turmoil of mass tourism, can pass their choice on the coldest seasons: autumn and winter. A slow rhythm marks the days, the hills are bleached and the traditional festivals show the personality and soul of the village, made of smiles, hospitality and dishes of the Calabrian culinary tradition.

Do not miss the “pipi e patate”, a dish based on potatoes and peppers from the garden, “stuffed eggplant”, typical dish of the area, or the many dishes with the smell of sea, such as spaghetti, rigorously handmade, black cuttlefish.


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