Slow holidays in Calabria all year long
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autunno olio calabria ionica
autunno calabria ionica


The flavours delight thanks to their wholesomeness and goodness, with aromas filling the alleyways of the welcoming villages, as the land offers up its best produce

Most people imagine that autumn is a season to spend indoors, there being minimal interesting stimuli under the grey skies outside. Reaching our destination, this perspective changes completely. Thanks to our climate and our local specialties coming from the agriculture, nature and craftsmanship, Riviera e Borghi degli Angeli offers excellent well-being, with an autumn visit guaranteeing to be rich in surprises sure to delight. A lot. So, leave your flip-flops and beach towel at home. Forget about your tan and eating bland salads to keep you in shape. Forget your diet and trying on your swimsuit and instead, don your comfiest shoes suited to somewhat “rustic” terrains, as a real slow and rural relaxing experience awaits you amidst our villages and hills. Read on to discover how to enjoy a slow-paced autumn holiday in our beloved land.

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Things to do in Calabria during Autumn

Here amongst our villages, autumn is full of activities that a curious and passionate visitor should not miss. Life moves from the coasts to the innermost areas where we and our fellow citizens work the fruits of the land and oversee their processing.

We love our olive groves and vineyards, hence from September to December it is possible to take part in yoga sessions in the centuries-old olive groves that adorn the countryside and hills throughout our territories. Then there is the vino novello – the new wine – whose production and processing comprise an event that renders the entire year wonderful and positive. Thanks to the support of those operating within our network, you can partake in the harvest in an environment that is truly unique for those who spend most of the year in the city or in places with a cold climate. Savouring the fruits of such labour brings a priceless sense of satisfaction. The great quality wine that will fill your glass each evening of your holiday, the just-pressed extra virgin olive oil that you have harvested with your new Calabrian friends, the crisp air coming from the rivers that proudly come to top up the waterways in valleys… all offer you unique and unforgettable delights.

If you are not passionate about rural life but still enjoy savouring its fruits, you can nonetheless enjoy utter relaxation by taking delight in the chromatic magic of the foliage. The colours of our mountains gift you with postcard-perfect landscapes to be photographed as you travel along the pathways and trekking routes accompanied by expert guides of the territory. Spectacular waterfalls (with those of Marmarico being the highest in the entire region), natural parks and breath-taking views await you!

If you are not keen on being so active and seek only to enjoy the sweetness and slowness of our lifestyle, that’s no problem – enjoy having a nice chat with the locals, perhaps in one of the coffee shops or in our catoj in which we store and share our excellent wine. Some lively conversation and a good meal will add more than an indelible smile to your days.


What to eat during this season

In autumn, the agriculture of our towns results in 0-kilometre products that are entirely wholesome and mouth-watering. We have already mentioned the wine, the nectar of the gods that is produced and conserved by many families here, still following the dictates of the ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation. Small productions resulting in bold and authentic flavours.

Extra-virgin olive oil is king of the table, conferring an authentic and genuine taste to each recipe….

Ours is also a land of highly-valued citrus fruits, such as the Clementine di Calabria IGP from Santa Caterina dello Ionio, their aromas and flavours amazing for how delicious they are. The falling temperatures favour the preparation of fresh pasta that is also served in restaurants and farmsteads (not only in the kitchens of the local families) and the tasty pecorino cheeses. One item on the menu is goat meat, a great protagonist of the flavours of the entire Ionian coast of Calabria. It is to be relished served with fresh pasta or as a rich second course.




Unmissable events and traditions

The dry climate is now behind us, as the rains and humidity of autumn fill the inlying areas with greenery and life. Trekking in the Vallata dello Stilaro is not to be missed if you want to enjoy the rough but welcoming nature along pathways with varying levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert.

The autumn period is not particularly rich in significant folk or religious events, yet each day can nonetheless be truly special. All throughout the season, we organise numerous little events and share moments such as olive and grape harvesting. Even the cooking classes transform into a meal savoured with friends in search of the many traditional flavours such as the fiscottino of Sant’Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio or the tasty recipes based on local legumes prepared in traditional ceramic pots. These suggestions combined with your curiosity form a perfect autumn recipe to savour on a journey of discovery in an area of Calabria untouched by mass tourism.