Slow holidays in Calabria all year long
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A arid yet rich land, with good-natured and courteous locals, dry riverways and nature bearing luxuriant fruits that produce unforgettable delights under the sun

The scorching heat, the sirocco winds blowing and stirring up the spirits, the crystalline sea, the delicious wholesome food, the aromas of the arid land, the smiles of the locals, the joie de vivre, the relaxation enjoyed on holiday. These are just some of the things that characterise our destination during the hottest season of the year. It is really warm here! Become accustomed to travelling around in your swimwear and flip-flops, get used to having a cool drink and a laugh by the sea, to seeking out refreshments on the extensive beaches of our villages or in the historic centres of our hilltop villages during the hottest nights.

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Things to do in Calabria during the Summer

The Ionian Sea extends along hundreds of uninterrupted kilometres of sandy and pebbly beach. The Riviera degli Angeli is only part of this beautiful and natural border between Italy, Europe and the African continent. This sea is rich in historical charm and abundant biodiversity, being the perfect location for spending the summer holidays.

The crystalline waters that characterise the coast of all towns along the Riviera are perfect for the most curious of travellers to enjoy activities such as snorkelling and diving to the various wrecks of submerged ships, which you can see accompanied by expert guides. One of the myriad facets of this resplendent sea consists in the kilometre-long beaches on which there is the splendour of the Caretta Caretta turtles hatching. And that is not all. The beach services along this stretch of coast are perfect for relishing a holiday of utter relaxation, where comfort is not only conferred by the modern and welcoming hospitality services but also – and above all – by the slow pace and authenticity of the people you encounter. You will discover a cordiality and simplicity that you are sure to savour when dining beach-side, reading under the radiant sun of the southernmost region of our peninsula or sipping a cool beer in one of the fully-serviced beaches of the area.

What to eat during this season

Calabria is well-known as being the region for all who love to eat quality and wholesome foods. There will be endless opportunities to discover and savour the authentic and traditional tastes of this land, embellished by certain products from the terrain and recipes that are best savoured during this extraordinary season. The extra-virgin olive oil produced from the fruits grown at these latitudes is a basic ingredient that confers to each dish a touch of freshness and authenticity. The fresh pastas, the famous aubergine parmigiana, the pitte for a quick meal, and the seafood dishes prepared with the catch of the day that are sure to delight you. The second courses are yet to come, ready to dispel the rumour that Calabrian food is heavy. In the towns comprising the Riviera e Borghi degli Angeli, the cuisine is simple and “light”… well, maybe except for the many ever-present fried delights such as the aubergines, zucchini flowers, courgettes, and “peperonata” or stuffed peppers.

All of these specialities are accompanied by the quality wine produced from the local vineyards that comes not bearing big-name labels, but those of small-scale quality connoisseurs. The widespread production from the families inhabiting these lands has remained unchanged over time, following the customs held very dear to the local population. In fact, there are dozens of “catoj” where many families conserve the wine to be generously offered throughout traditional events and casual dinners consisting of local cheeses and salamis, with a mix of spicy (of course!) and also sweet dishes to savour.

From Stilo to Sant’Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, passing through all of the other towns and villages in the area, you will find numerous restaurants, farmhouses and shops offering a range of tasty souvenirs. The best travel tip we can offer you is to explore the goodness of the traditional products and recipes, to visit the places in which you can observe the tradition that harmoniously blends with the modernity of a cuisine able to enhance ancient and natural products, with reinterpreted recipes able to win over even the most refined palates.




Unmissable events and traditions

As the hottest season, summer in this destination is to be experienced in the shade of an umbrella, immersed in the blue of the Ionian Sea and in one of the local establishments enjoying a gelato, a granita or a refreshing drink. This is also the season in which the marinas and villages come to life, thanks to the festivals and concerts featuring artists from all over Italy, who entertain the Calabrians and tourists seeking to experience a holiday with all the trimmings.

During the summer, in addition to strolling along the seafront of one of our many towns, taking a dip in the water or having a go at the water sports, there are certain occasions of great importance to the locals, being unmissable excursions and events for all visitors wanting to experience and understand the heart and traditions of those who live in these areas.

Amongst the most important traditional summer events not to be missed is the June celebrations of Corpus Domini in Santa Caterina dello Ionio, when the villagers adorn the streets of the village with coloured blankets hanging from the windows of their homes.

August is the peak of summer traditions. In Stilo, the evocative Palio di Ribusa is held during the first week of the month. Throughout these days, ladies, knights, horses and gonfalons wander all around the town, representing the districts within the historic centre brimming with history. On 18th August, rather, a religious ritual takes place in the village of San Floro, being a vow of penance that has been held for over three centuries in honour of the Christian deities who rid the small town on the Orange Coast of the plague. For the visitors of today, it is a special occasion to discover the ancient traditions of a Calabrian town to visit, if not just to savour the Vutureddha, traditional sweets that the San Floro locals prepare to pay homage to the deities, presented at the local Church prior to the start of the official procession.