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bozzoli seta san floro

Silk experience in San Floro

San floro is a small village on a hilltop that overlooks the Ionian Sea. Here time stood still and it’s a pleasure to stroll through the streets  that overlook the Corace’s valley and the sea. Although the village is populated by just 500 people it’s well known for the silk production. Here an organic farm runned by young people resume the ancient art of silk. They Breed Silkworms, extract the silk from the cocoons and they work the fiber by hand. This is followed by the dyeing process which is done just by natural elements of the place and the weaving on ancient looms. They Create beautiful unique pieces and they offer ecofriendly tourism.


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Silk experience in San Floro

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Here the Silk trip purpose:

Silk Museum in a 14th century old castle, preserves ancient damasks, recepies for natural dyes and tools for the silk manufactoring.

Natural Trail Loop It was realized along a path that heads for the heart of an adult pine forest where the landscapes and the nature challenge the visitor’s eye.

Mulberry Orchard is an intensive culture of 3.500 plants that offer to silkworms the leaves  and to the man the “Mulberry Blackberry”,a particular fruit that ripens between late May and early June every year, which can be tasted fresh or as delicious jams.

Silkworms After many years of inactivity they have returned to live in S.Floro, and for every breeding season thousands of them munch the just-gathered mulberry leaves, giving us back the joy of discovering the mystery that surrounds them in a silk cocoon.

Silk Reeling During this operation mistery joins magic. While cocoons unravel, it is possible to see how many silk threads combine forming a single long wire, shiny and continous for more than 2 kms. The vision of this process traps the attention of the visitor who is enchanted with the thread taking off from the cocoons and being deposited on a reel which wrapping in a synergistic way forms a skein in just few seconds.

Organic Lunch The guided tour will end under the canopy of a majestic centuries-old pine with a tasting of local products from organic farming. A mix of tastes, perfumes, will inebriate the tastes of visitors.

Dates: every day of the week from April to October

Duration: half day with lunch

  1. of people: min. 6 – max. 16

Price: from € 40,00 per person

Booking: one week before, subject to availability


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  • Silk Trip
  • Transfer by minivan
  • English guide
  • Lunch with organic dishes prepared,  mineral water and house wine included
  • Extras and anything else which is not expressly specified under "the price includes"
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