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The fasting Mimicking
Diet holiday

One week in Calabria doing fasting Mimicking Diet 

22/06/2020 – 28/06/2020

During this 7-days holiday Dr. Alessandra Morgante will follow you to optimize the benefits and ensure the correct application of the Fasting Mimicking Diet developed by Prof.Longo and produced by ProLon®.
Professor Valter Longo is an Italian-American biogerontologist and cell biologist known for his studies on the role of fasting and nutrient response genes on cellular protection agingand diseases and for proposing that longevity is regulated by similar genes and mechanisms in many eukaryotes.
He elaborated "5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet" that as shown to have benefits on the health and well-being of the person.

The keywords are: well-being, regeneration and targeted weight loss.
• WELL-BEING: helps to normalize and / or improve blood values of cholesterol, blood
sugar, triglycerides and blood pressure
• REGENERATION: it helps to "restart" all the cells of our body. Promotes the process of disposal of the cells now old in our body and to trigger the process of cell renewal starting from stem cells.
• TARGET LOSS: at the end of the 5 days there is a weight loss exclusively of fat mass,
maintaining muscle tissue intact.
Dr. Alessandra Morgante is among the first professionals in Italy qualified for the
dissemination and application of the Diet Mima Digiuno.
During the camp, recreational and cultural activities will be organized and a series of
nutrition seminars will be organized.

The fasting Mimicking
Diet holiday

Eating well Experiencing the sea Traditions and events Discovering culture Relax e Wellness

Campus activitis and courses

Recreational and cultural activities will be organized on campus and a series of seminars on nutrition will be organized.

  • Visit to the village of longevity – Bivongi
  • Visit to the San Floro Mill – Ancient wheat milling – Walk and visit to the mill
  • Visit to a natural garden cultivated with the techniques of our grandparents

During the week it will also be possible to attend various seminars.

  • “The human body: functions and role of nutrients”
    “Characteristics and benefits of the longevity diet and the Mima Fasting Diet
  • “The Myths About Nutrition – Fiber and Cholesterol”
  • “The properties of the natural ingredients that make up the Mima Fasting Diet
  • “We learn to read labels”

The holiday / diet will be marked by pleasant days at the beach with walks, films, massages by an expert massage therapist (to be booked) and the pleasure of meeting and being together to effortlessly overcome the “obstacle” of the 5 days of fasting

Dr. Morgante will make a nutritional visit to all participants

At the end of the course a participation certificate will be issued.

Period: from 22 June to 28 June
Info: +39 3355725878 –
all included in a single room Euro 740
all included in double room Euro 590

  • Included
  • Not included
  • Mimicking Diet Kit
  • Tailor made diet
  • Alloggio
  • Host
  • Special tours
  • Nutritional visit
  • Sunbeds on the beach
  • Transfert from and to lamezia terme
  • Massages
  • Extras
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